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A saber porque, Microsoft no ha podido cumplir el plazo prometido a sus clientes para la entrega de Windows Vista, que aqui en USA seria sobre finales de Octubre… pero ellos ya habian hecho los numeros del dinero que les iba a entrar en este ultimo trimestres (quater) del a? sus contables han sacado un sistema bastante bueno para evitar la caida en bolsa y que el BillyPuertas sea mas millonario todavia si cabe. Solo teneis que entrar en LEER MAS >>> para saber de que se trata.

AngelosoPues sencillo… te venden WINDOWS XP DE NUEVO, pero esta vez te dan un cupon para cambiarlo por Windows Vista, y mantienen el precio de XP que sera sobre $25-$50 mas bajo que Vista.

Aqui un ejemplo de un vendedor famoso de USA via Online.

Windows XP Pro oem SP2b with VISTA Upgrade Coupon

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Help and Information

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All of our software is guaranteed to be 100% legal. We inspect everything we sell to guarantee it isn't pirated or counterfeit. What you see and buy is always what's delivered.
Our Price: ONLY $147.00
Retail price: $ 209.00 Save $62(30%)
Shipping: Only $5.00 FedEx Ground
Mfg. Part: E85-04964
Version: Full oem SP2b (1-Pack) with VISTA Coupon

Windows XP Pro oem SP2b with VISTA Upgrade Coupon, offer expires on March 15th 2007. Full oem/dsp License, COA, Media and Manual USA Version. Single-User, for one computer.

Legal Microsoft Software always includes a COA (Certificate of Authenticity).

OEM saves you Money on the SAME software! We have been an OEM retailer since 1997. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) versions sell at lower prices because they include online manufacturer technical support, but no phone support. All of the OEM software that we sell to end-users is bundled with the FREE qualifying hardware that ensures your software is legally licensed AND we offer Installation Support if you need it.
Volume Discount Pricing – Prices per Unit
Over 10 units : $144.06
Over 25 units : $141.12

Windows XP Professional SP2b, Full OEM/DSP Version with Service-Pack-2b

Windows XP Professional offers the best savings on a new installation of XP. Windows XP Professional is designed for productivity with improved networking and remote access tools. Windows XP Professional is built on the core used in Windows 2000 and Windows NT. This code, known as the NT kernel, makes Windows XP more powerful, secure, and stable.

With the dependable new Windows XP Professional architecture you get:

? Superior operating system technology, including preemptive multitasking, fault tolerance, and system memory protection, which work together to prevent and resolve problems.

? The ability to recover your work in many cases, if your program crashes before you can save your work.

? System memory protection to help prevent poorly written software from making your computer unstable.

? In addition, when you install new software, you usually won't need to reboot Windows XP, as was often required with earlier versions of Windows.

Advanced File and Folder Management: Windows XP provides several new ways for you to arrange and identify your files when viewing them in folders such as My Documents. When a folder is open, you can access each of the following view options on the View menu. You can change views in context, so you don't have to close the folder and re?open it to see the changed view.

? Group your files in Windows XP by any detail of the file, such as name, size, type, or date modified.

?Thumbnails view displays the images a folder contains on a folder icon so you can quickly identify the contents of the folder.

? Filmstrip view is available in picture folders. Your pictures appear in a single row of thumbnail images.

? Icons view displays your files and folders as icons. The file name is displayed under the icon; however, sort information is not displayed.

? List view displays the contents of a folder as a list of file or folder names preceded by small icons. This view is useful if your folder contains many files and you want to scan the list for a file name.

? In Details view, Windows lists the contents of the open folder and provides detailed information about your files, including name, type, size, and date modified.

Helps Protect Your PC
Windows XP Professional helps by automatically keep your PC up-to-date with the latest security enhancements including the Windows Security Center, Windows Firewall, and more to protect your computer from viruses and worms that can spread through the Internet.

Quickly Connect to Wireless Networks
Windows XP Professional provides rich, wireless network support, helping you simply and easily connect to wireless networks whether in your home, office, or out on the road.

Keep Your Laptop More Secure
The Encrypting File System, only in Windows XP Professional, provides an additional level of file protection from hackers and data theft by transparently encrypting files with a randomly generated key. If your laptop gets stolen or lost, unauthorized users should not be able to read or view your confidential files.

Search for Files Easily
Searching for files or information on your computer, your local network, or the Internet should be quick and easy. The Search Companion in Windows XP improves the search process by consolidating search tasks. When you open a folder and select a file in Windows XP, the operating system intuitively presents a list of appropriate tasks that you may want to perform with that file.

Get More Life Out of Your Laptop Battery
Save battery power when you're working on the road, at the library, or coffee shop. Windows XP Professional extends battery life by managing the way your laptop uses power. Now you can work longer on battery power and more accurately forecast how long your batteries will last.

Set Up and Share Your Computer Quickly and Easily
Quickly set up and connect all the computers, printers, devices, and an Internet connection in your home with the all new Network Setup Wizard . Sharing a Windows XP computer with others has never been easier; quickly access your personal files and accounts without having to close applications or restart the computer.

Easy To Use
The clean, simple design of Windows XP Professional puts the features you use most often at your fingertips, helping you find them quickly.Accessibility enhancements and improvements in Windows XP Professional provides richer communications and better integration with assistive technology.Windows XP features resources that make it easier for people with accessibility needs to work more efficiently.

Work From Anywhere with Windows XP Professional
The Remote Desktop feature found only in Windows XP Professional allows you to remotely access your PC running Windows XP Professional, from another Windows-based PC, so you can work with all of your files and applications while away from your office or home PC.

Recover Easily From Problems Caused by System or Application Changes
If something goes wrong with your computer, with Windows XP Professional you can easily remove and roll back any system or application changes without losing files and other valuable information.

Join a Network or Domain
Windows XP Professional is designed to work with Windows Server networks and includes capabilities for both small office networks with up to 10 PCs and Windows Server based networks.

Work With the Tools You Need to Get Things Done
Windows XP Professional lets you choose from the widest range of software, hardware, and services designed to work together seamlessly including support for many older applications designed for earlier versions of Windows.

System Requirements
Min Hard Drive Space

1.5 GB

Min Processor Speed 233 MHz, 300 MHz Recommended
Min Processor Type Pentium?
Min RAM Size 64 MB
Peripheral Interface Devices CD-ROM, SVGA monitor, Mouse or compatible device

A esto es lo que se llama vender humo, no?

Que sus aproveche,

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